Extreme Couponer Works With Grocery Stores to Give BIG This Season

couponsI've always weirdly admired those people (usually women) on TV who have mastered the art of using coupons. I mean, it's a little disturbing to see that they've re-purposed their garage into a mega-pantry that looks ready for the Zombie Apocalypse, but DUDE -- buying thousands of dollars worth of groceries for next to nothing? That's a skill I wish I could learn. I am terrible when it comes to spotting deals and normally accidentally walk out carrying a $40 loaf of bread or something.

That's why I was doubly floored when I learned what this British teenager, Jordan Cox, did. This savvy, sweet kid mastered the art of extreme coupon shopping. But he didn't do it to stock up his own shelves -- Jordan was moved to hit the aisles, coupons in hand, after reading statistics about how many people go hungry on Christmas Day. He wanted to do whatever he could to help make that number a little smaller. 


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Rather than just pull from his family's pantry of unwanted canned goods, Jordan did something a whole lot more inventive. He printed up close to 500 coupons from the local grocery store and, spending less than $70, was able to buy over $1,000 worth of food. He promptly turned it all over to charity with explicit instructions that the food he'd purchased be used for Christmas meals. With a haul including over 60 packages of butter, that's a hard offer to turn down. 

It takes some people years to master coupons and figure out how to get the best deals. The fact that Jordan was able to do it with so little is astonishing. It took him over an hour to check out with his tremendous cart-loads of food, but in the end, it was totally worth it.

I think in the future all grocery stores should look into ways of supporting those who are shopping for food they plan on donating. Maybe matching their coupons by 50 percent for all charitable donations would be a good place to start. This is an extreme couponing challenge I'd definitely try out myself.

Do you use coupons regularly, or just for items you use every day?


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