Blind Man Who Fell Onto Subway Tracks Might Lose the Dog That Saved His Life

Orlando and Cecil Williams in the hospital
A blind man who slipped onto the subway tracks yesterday has his amazing guide dog to thank for being alive. But tragically, Cecil Williams now might lose his loyal black Labrador Orlando forever.

"The dog saved my life," Williams told the New York Post. Because of the dog's reaction, which was to bark loudly and alert nearby commuters and subway officials, only one and a half cars passed over the duo. Because of the dog's reaction, Williams was only treated at the hospital for a cut on his head.

Which makes the news that Williams and Orlando may soon be separated absolutely heartwrenching. Cecil's insurance will no longer cover the cost to care for Orlando come January. The good news? There's something we can do.


You see, Orlando is getting older and will soon have to retire. If Orlando isn't technically Williams' guide dog, then his insurance won't cover the costs, and his owner, who has the dog to thank for his life, will have to find a new home for him.

The good news? There's a fundraiser on raising money for the duo so that Williams can keep the dog who saved his life and his best friend. Within 24 hours of starting the site, there has already been $30,000+ raised (at the time this post was published) with a goal of $50,000.

It's beautiful, seeing people come together to help a man in need keep his best friend, especially during the holidays. Pets are more than just a friend, they're a part of your family. For Williams, he and Orlando will always have a special bond after the horrific incident. Hopefully, with the help of hundreds of people (including you), they won't have to say goodbye.

Click to see Cecil Williams and Orlando's fundraising page.

Is this story amazing or what? Do you have a family pet that means a lot to you?

Image via John Minchillo/AP/Corbis

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