Woman Attacked by 'Ferocious' Cat Was Asking for It (VIDEO)

Holy cat attack! Video surveillance cam footage of a woman being attacked by a cat has gone viral and no wonder. The video captured an almost unbelievable and very rare full-on cat attack. The cat, Buddy, is shown leaping onto the Michigan woman, who will only identify herself as Maxx, after she repeatedly kicks snow at him, trying to shoo him away from her dog. The cat sinks its claws into the woman's face and she's left with puncture marks on her forehead. Many in cyberland feel the woman got what she deserved.


Take a look at the video:

Wowza, I have never seen a cat do that, ever. And I've seen a lot of cats. It's highly, highly unusual for a cat to attack a human's face like that. It's so strange, in fact, that many are saying this video is fake. But the woman has come forward to show her scars as proof it happened.

Although I feel bad for the woman, who says she rescued the cat from being put down by a neighbor -- I don't blame the cat either for defending himself. He was out in the snow, was probably cold and hungry, and here this woman starts kicking snow at him.

She claims she was trying to protect her dog (who is behind the fence) whom the cat had just attacked, but I'm not sure if I buy that. The dog doesn't seem frightened by the cat at all. Also, in a new video, the woman claims the cat had attacked two other people. The cat isn't around to rebut her remarks.

It's quite possible the cat had a medical condition that was making him very grouchy. And given that the cat is outside in the snow, he was probably not getting the medical care he may have needed. Anything from a brain tumor to a urinary tract infection can make a cat miserable enough that it might attack.

Kicking snow in its face rather than getting it examined isn't taking responsibility. Maxx tries to come off like a cat lover, but taking in a cat only to leave it out in cold weather isn't being a true animal lover.

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Animals deserve respect. We SHARE this planet with them. Would you go around kicking sand in the face of a tiger? What do you think a HUMAN would do if you kicked snow in his or her face?

Unfortunately, Buddy had to be tested for rabies (he was negative), which meant he was put down.

Not all animals can live peaceably with humans, and Buddy might have been one of those rare cats who was dangerous to be around. On the other hand, this poor cat may have just been upset, in pain, or angry with being treated like crap. Animals have feelings too, you know.

Do you think Buddy was at fault?

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