'Shotgun Gardening' Is Perfect if You Like Guns and, You Know, Gardening (VIDEO)

flower shell

It's not something I'm particularly proud of -- but I've never really had much of a green thumb. Sure ... I'd love to brag about all of the gorgeous flowers and organic produce that's filling up the garden in my backyard -- but considering I have neither the time nor the patience for planting, I've settled for plain old grass up until this point.

But I think there just might be hope. After seeing hearing about this new Flower Shell gardening method -- I just might be the next (insert famous gardener's name here).

Wanna know what the Flower Shell is? Quite simply, it's a shotgun shell that has flower seeds in it. You shoot them into the ground and BAM! Your garden blooms.


Check it out.


OMG. This is most definitely the answer I've been searching for. And don't worry -- I thought it was a joke when I first heard about it too. But the website appears to be totally legit, so it must be real ... right?

Let's just go ahead and assume it is. I wonder what my neighbors will think when they see me out back firing at the ground with a shotgun? I sure hope the cop across the street doesn't get the wrong idea and come over to investigate. Every gal deserves to get her garden on -- using whatever method she deems fit.

Are you into gardening? Would you ever use this thing?


Image via ST/YouTube

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