5 Wrapping Ideas for the Most Beautiful Gifts Under the Tree (PHOTOS)

Wrapping Tips for Gorgeous Holiday GiftsThe only thing more important than the gifts you're giving out this Christmas is how meticulously those gifts are wrapped. Okay, that's not exactly true. But, for some of us, wrapping our presents can become an obsession. We spend too much time online scouring sites for the perfect paper. We lose hours in The Container Store watching 3 separate gift-wrapping presentations just because there will be different bow techniques presented in each. (Okay, maybe just me?) 

For those of us who, perhaps, take a bit too much pride in having the loveliest packages under the tree, I've rounded up some of the best papers, tags, and tools available to the wrapping-crazed this year


Paper Cutter and Folder

First and foremost, get yourself this completely indespensible Paper Cutter and Folder (Container Store, $4.99). With this baby by your side, you will rule the world. Trust me.


Santa's Sleigh Paper

This Santa's Sleigh wrapping paper (Snow & Graham, $6.50) is the perfect solution for those of us who have little kids but who don't necessarily want our gifts to shout "HEY EVERYONE, I HAVE LITTLE KIDS!"


Xmas Tree Wrap

Christmas wrapping paper doesn't always need to be red or green. This cheerful Xmas Wrap (Smock, $9) has the traditional tree and snow scene in an untraditional color scheme. 


Holiday Owls Gift Tags

If you've walked into pretty much any store this year (heck, if you've so much as opened your eyes this year), you've probably noticed that owls are having the best year ever. These adorable (hat and scarf-wearing!) Holiday Owls Gift Tags (Paper Source, $4.95) are too cute to miss. 


Pom Pom Garland


The perfect ribbon adds the finishing touch, so don't forget to give this part some thought too! This Pom Pom Garland (Etsy, $6) is festive and is different enough to be paired with a simple wrapping paper. 

Still need more suggestions? Check out my Wrap It Up board over at The Prowl for plenty of other ideas!

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