5 Ways to Simplify This Holiday Season

PostableRight now, my roommate of several years is moving out of our apartment. It's like a breakup only without the sexual tension or animosity. While she's the one packing, I've been just as stressed, trying to separate our often co-mingled belongings, suss out which pieces of furniture belong to who, and deep clean as much as I can. So I'm already going into the Holiday Season a little bit more crazed than usual.

Add to that my upcoming travel plans, and moving in a new roommate and you've got a recipe for getting NONE of the holiday-type-things done I had planned. Luckily for me we live in an age of life-hacks and crazy-awesome advances. Soon, robots will be doing our bidding and dogs will have the ability to speak. Those things might be a while off (and ethically questionable) but let me share some of my favorite new modes of simplifying life during the holidays that are available right here and now.


1.) Postable.com

I. Am. Obsessed. There are only two things I hate more than pizza where the cheese has slid off due to careless delivery. Those things are going to the post office, and having to write by hand. Postable removes both of those obstacles. With their insanely stylish (and at times saucy) holiday designs, the OG Thank You note site has made ordering holiday cards online a no-brainer.


With Postable you select one (uh-adorable) card, and then pick the font of your choice when it comes time to compose messages to those who make your greeting card cut. Farewell Becca's, tiny, serial-killer-esque scrawl, hello handwriting you'd take home to introduce to mom! The biggest perk of all? They mail them for you. Shyeah. Did I mention that their address book feature is a God-send (it allows you to import contacts if you've already got a list). There's no excuse not to check them out.

2.) Amazon Prime

I am probably preaching to the choir here -- but if I'm not, then friends, get ready: Your life is about to get a whole lot easier. With Amazon Prime, you pay under $80 a year (a little less if you buy someone a Kindle for Christmas) for all manner of perks.

Check out your favorite T.V. shows on Amazon, buy MP3s! But perhaps best of all? FREE. TWO. DAY. SHIPPING. I do not exaggerate when I say that I once ordered a birthday gift for a friend and went to bed -- when I woke up the next morning, the gift was waiting at my door. AMAZON PRIME = MAGIC. Also, DRONES, y'all!

3.) Pre-Fab Trees

These ain't your Mama's ready-set-go trees. Nowadays, one quick internet search of "Decorated Trees" and you are slammed with a veritable plethora of pleasing looks.

Save yourself the hauling, the mess, and some time -- go pre-decorated! If someone in your family INSISTS on decorating the tree, that's cool -- what are a couple of extra ornaments going to hurt?

4.) Say It With Wrapping Paper

This is by far one of the neatest ideas I've seen this season. Most of us are bogged down with one list of cards that have to go out, and one massive stack of presents that all need wrapping. I hope you didn't like those two birds hanging out by your front door -- BECAUSE I JUST MURDERED THEM WITH ONE FAT OL' STONE.

Print up your own wrapping paper at home! Design it as you choose! If you choose a photo that also happens to double as your holiday card, I ain't gonna be mad at that. Multi-tasking. It's the reason for the season.

5.) Put Your Cookie Cutters to Work!

I am, like most of us with a small kitchen, a huge fan of strictly multi-purpose tools taking up space in my shelves. This means getting creative when it comes to stuff like cookie cutters. Oh sure, they serve their purpose when it comes to the holidays when I bake up batches of sugar cookies galore.

But now they've got a second purpose. Seasonal cookie cutters make for great stencils if you find yourself short cards. Trace them on construction paper and quickly cut out mini-cards to accompany that plate of cookies headed to your office.


What takes up the most of your time getting ready for the holidays?


Images via Postable

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