6 Wacky Nativity Sets You Just HAVE to See (PHOTOS)

Adriana Velez | Dec 13, 2013 Home & Garden

nativityHave you seen the Nerd Nativity created by blogger Designer Daddy? It features Wonder Woman as Mary, Captain America as Joseph, Alf as an angel, and as baby Jesus -- plus a baby dinosaur, naturally, and all on a small cheese plate. It's kind of perfect -- and about as kid-friendly as they come. 

When I was growing up we had a beautiful nativity created with trees, moss, and these beautiful Italian Fontanini figurines. But when I grew up I went for something slightly less reverent -- Playmobil. Yes, they make a nativity, and it is awesome. But if you're crafty like Designer Daddy you can come up with something even more clever. Here's a few cute, silly Christmas creches you have to see.

  • Playmobil Nativity


    This is my nativity set. When I bought it I told myself I was buying it for my son -- but really, I was buying it for myself because OMG, Playmobil.

  • Minimalist Nativity



    I have so many feelings about this nativity set, and they're all expressed in Helvetica.

  • Clothespin Nativity



    This is the sweeter side of minimalist Christmas.

  • Peanuts Christmas



    Aww! I'm so glad this exists outside of our TV sets.

  • Nutella Nativity



    Oh night divine: Gimmie a spoon, Jesus has never looked more delicious. (Going to hell right now, please open the gates, thank you.)

  • Soda Nativity


    This one is less holy, but definitely sweeter.

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