Woman Puts Up Middle Finger Christmas Lights for Second Year in a Row (VIDEO)

A woman whose jovial holiday spirit led her to put up a dazzling display of Christmas lights on her roof -- in the shape of a middle finger pointing at her neighbors -- is up to her old tricks again. Last year, Sarah Henderson, who is now named Sarah Childs, started a holiday tradition of the middle finger salute on her roof to her "nosy" neighbors with whom she was having some kind of dispute. The town told her she would have to take down her F-U lights, and she called in the American Civil Liberties Union to defend them. This Christmas, the "good cheer" has gotten even more raucous.


When neighbors noticed the middle finger back, they actually climbed up on her roof, cut up all of the lights and extension cords, and tossed the little pieces onto the lawn.

"They did the firing shot. It’s on," Childs told a local media outlet.

She then replaced the finger with another one, and then added a second finger, just for good measure.

The weirdest part of this? Sarah doesn't even live in that neighborhood anymore, and her house is empty. She apparently came back merely to set up the F-U lights again.

Beginning to see why she's not a favorite in the neighborhood.

On the other hand, Childs has some pretty serious reasons for not liking her neighbors either. She accuses one of stealing her dog.

Last year, the ACLU sued the city of Denham Springs on behalf of Sarah, and a judge granted her the right to keep up the finger. (So to speak.) Sarah kept the lights up until New Year's Eve, when someone tore them down.

This year, Sarah, despite her constitutional right to keep the middle finger waving on her roof, doesn't plan to call cops despite it already being ripped down once. I have no idea how she will keep the display from being sabotaged again, considering she doesn't even live there. She will have to sleep on the roof.

I can certainly understand the neighbors' frustrations. An F-U display not only ruins the holiday mood, kids will see it, and it's just plain rude.

On the other hand, if someone really stole Sarah's dog, I'd be pissed too. But one of her neighbors, Kayla Weldon, says she just thinks Sarah is trying to get "famous." Hey, it's working. Sorta.

Perhaps Sarah just needs to be grateful she had the ability to move away -- and the neighbors should be glad she is gone too -- and she should just take down the display, which isn't going to bring back her dog, and call it a day.

Sarah, you've made your point. Ho ho ho.

Have you ever been in a nasty feud with your neighbors?


Image via The Young Turks/YouTube

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