Thief Steals Couple's Dog Because They Left It Out in the Cold

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dogSome people just shouldn't be pet owners. That is apparently what one man thought when he nabbed a neighbor's dog. Crawford and Mary Clay Gupton noticed that their 10-month-old  Swiss mountain dog, Heidi, was missing. As any dutiful pet owners would, they put up fliers and asked neighbors if they had seen her. They even offered a $2,000 reward on Reddit. But they got an unexpected response from one user who calls himself "dogthedogsaver."

He wrote that he had "rescued" the dog, who the couple had left outside in the freezing cold for "close to 7 hours." He had first spotted Heidi in an outdoor enclosure and sawed off the lock to set her free.

Here is what he (or she) wrote:

"Not wanting such a sweet dog to freeze to death I headed home, grabbed some tools and headed back. It's now been close to 7 hours since I first saw her, temps are in the teens and that poor dog is ice cold."

Obviously stealing someone's pet is wrong. But I have to say, I don't blame this person one bit. That poor dog was probably freezing out there. Extremely cold weather can be just as dangerous as severely hot temps. If I had passed by and seen Heidi out there, I would have taken note. Then, if she was still in the cold 7 hours later, I would have been incensed. Not sure if I would have cut through a gate to free her, but I would have called the police or another group that handles animal cruelty complaints. But if I thought the dog was in immediate danger, I may have done the exact same thing. Wouldn't leaving Heidi there to suffer have been worse?

But that is not all that concerned this dog rescuer. When Heidi got to his place, he said she made a bee line for the litter box and started eating like she hadn't been fed a decent meal in days. When he gave her bowl of food, she was so hungry, she didn't even stop to go pee. She just let it stream down while she was eating. His post to the Guptons included a photo of a happy and warm Heidi.

Of course they deny the allegation that they neglected their dog. And insist they are a loving, kind family. Other neighbors vouch for that. Since, Heidi has been returned to them. I suppose next time they will think twice before putting her outside in the cold for so long. At least, I hope so.

Would you have taken Heidi?



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ZamEnt25 ZamEnt25

I'm sorry Ive seen this a lot of times! I've even called the cops and reported pet owners. NO ONE, not even a dog, should be left outside. I love the no questions asked. I hope the dog gets a good home!


I would like to know what temps a Swissy can endure before I jump to the conclusion that these are bad fur parents. Some dogs are made for cold and I believe a Swissy is one of them

jacsm... jacsmama022

My thoughts exactly Prima. It's not like it was a small Chihuahua or something.

nonmember avatar Tonya

The rescuer's heart may have been in the right place but he sounds a bit....dumb? I'm gonna go out on a limb and say a dog with the words SWISS and MOUNTAIN in its breed name is made for the cold. Also, every dog I've ever had has acted like the litter box is full of delicious treats, and all my dogs have been well-fed. In addition, many dogs love food they aren't accustomed to eating because it's simply different. None of the "facts" presented by the rescuer necessarily add up to neglect.

Liane... Lianetherider

The whole "urinating while eating" thing could just be because the dog is a puppy, and they are ALWAYS hungry and sometimes don't get their priorities straight. SMDs are "puppies" until about 3 years old, so this one was well within the range. How does this guy know that she was out for the whole 7 hours, anyway? Maybe she came in and out during that time. If he was concerned, he should have called Animal Control, and NOT stolen the dog.

keelh... keelhaulrose

If I'm that concerned about the welfare of the dog I'd call the authorities.

However, this is a puppy, even if it's got Swiss and mountain in its title. Those puppies often use their mothers and siblings to help keep them warm, so it is not a good idea to leave them out in the cold all day. Maybe a fully grown one, but a puppy has different needs.

stace... stacey541

This dog was bred for extreme cold temps. Though a person in Texas may think that temps in the teens is cold, it is by no means extreme. People need to watch overstepping their bounds.

Rennie 'Rei' Reddy


Not at 10mo thet don't. They're HUGE. And many cold weather dogs prefer the outdoors during winter because the heating inside is too much for them. My neighbor's dogs are free to come in and out of the house as they please, and their husky can often be found napping in the middle of the yard during snowstorms

Jespren Jespren

As several other's have noted: SWISS MOUNTAIN DOG. It was in the teens, not the negative teens.

shutu... shuturpiehole

To those defending the owners, look at the picture of the dog. That is a VERY underweight Swiss Mountain Dog, and also while they are bred to withstand the cold, they are NOT bred to be left ALONE out in the cold as an underweight puppy for 7 hours.

As underweight as that puppy is, she has no way to keep herself warm. And when they are used as working dogs, even when they are outside for weeks in the cold, they have a warm shelter to go in, and they also will huddle with livestock to keep warm. Body heat!

It won't surprise me if there is a follow up story about how this puppy was removed from her owners for neglect.

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