Woman Gets 'Christmas Miracle' When Lost Dog Returns After 9 Years

bull terrierOur pets are such an important part of our lives, and it's nothing short of unbearable when one of them manages to slip out of our homes and winds up lost forever. And that's exactly what one woman in England assumed she was facing -- a lifetime without her beloved Staffordshire Bull Terrier. The dog escaped from her yard back in 2004 after a neighbor had removed a panel in the fence.

But Milissa Mae got an unexpected miracle last week. Someone called her after checking out the pooch's microchip -- and she was reunited with her dog after nine long years.


"Niamh" was wandering a good 80 miles from Milissa's home, and while she says the pup is thin, gray, and a little deaf, she's in pretty good condition -- leading Milissa to believe she was cared for during the time she was away.

And it sounds like the actual reunion was just as heartwarming and emotional as you'd expect. And yes ... she believes Niamh recognized her.

OMG. Can you even imagine how shocked and overjoyed she must have been to get that phone call? I'm sure she gave up on the idea of ever being reunited with her dog after the first year or two she was gone -- so to have her return nine years later is simply miraculous.

And I'm sure she thought about Niamh so many times and wondered what had happened to her. The bond we have with our pets is something that cannot be broken -- or at least that is how I feel about the animals I've loved over the course of my life. I still feel connected to the dog I had growing up and the cat I rescued as a college student.

Right after Christmas, my family and I are getting a brand new puppy -- and I already feel a bond with him even though he's not technically ours yet.

I'm sure Milissa never expected the hole in her heart would be filled again -- especially given how much time had passed. She now calls Niamh's return a "Christmas miracle," and honestly, I really don't think there's a more fitting description of her return than that.

Have you ever lost a pet?


Image via Tom Espen/Flickr

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