Original Gift Ideas For Bookworms (Shhh...we're reading in here!)

Ah, the book lover. How difficult could it be to buy a present for this person? It's so obvious, isn't it? The perfect present is a book, duh. Wrong! Take it from a bonafide bookworm (I can't stop reading, it's a sickness) -- a book is one of the riskiest gifts to give any hardcore reader. If they want to read it, chances are they have it already or are waiting for the perfect moment to purchase. Then there are the zillion books that they've already read and the many that they have no desire to read at all. For the book lover, buying a book is a pretty personal decision. It's a minefield, people, just stay clear! 

So what can you buy for your favorite bookworm this holiday season? Read on for some bibliophile-approved suggestions. 


Jane Eyre Literary Book Pages Brass Cuff Bracelet

This Jane Eyre Brass Cuff (Etsy, $40) is a lovely and subtle way to wear your favorite book on your sleeve (almost). It's available in other titles as well.

Grammar Teacup and Saucer Set

Chances are high that your book-loving buddy is also a grammar nerd. This Grammar Teacup and Saucer Set (Etsy, $42) will have any grammar geek giggling with delight as they sip their favorite hot beverage.

Pride and Prejudice Book Scarf

This Pride and Prejudice Book Scarf (Etsy, $42) is perfection. Stay warm and show off your fantastic taste in books all at the same time.

I Like Big Books And I Cannot Lie Poster

There isn't a book lover alive who wouldn't get a kick out of this I Like Big Books And I Cannot Lie poster (Etsy, $15). Having the Sir Mix-A-Lot song stuck in your head is just an added bonus.

Wuthering Heights Litograph Shirt

Everything at Litographs is pretty much a bookworm's dream, but their shirts -- like this Wuthering Heights version (Litographs, #34) -- are nothing short of amazing. They print an entire work on each Tshirt, so you can wear your favorite book on your back. Available in a ton of titles, so you'll have plenty to choose from.

Need more suggestions? Come on over to The Prowl to check out my Gifts For Bookworms board for plenty of other ideas!

What are you getting for your favorite bookworm this year?

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