Christmas Morning Memories So Special They're Guaranteed to Last a Lifetime

christmas morning

Sigh. Who else is literally counting down the days until Christmas? It's hard to believe we only have a couple of weeks to go until the most magical day of the year.

Even though most of our traditions have changed a bit since we were young, the memories we make each and every Christmas are something we'll treasure for the rest of our lives. And you know what? The holidays actually seem even sweeter now that we can watch the thrills of the season through our kids' eyes.

Seeing them so excited about Santa makes us remember our own childhood Christmases -- and someday they'll recall all of the fond times they shared with us. (Sniff, sniff.)


Here are seven wonderful Christmas memories that people admit they'll never, ever forget!

  1. "A few years ago, we bought a sleigh bell and tossed it into our front yard for our son to find on Christmas morning. The look on his face when he realized a bell had fallen from Santa's sleigh in his front yard is something we will absolutely carry with us forever. It was pure magic."
  2. "Every Christmas, my dad would tell me and my brother that all the animals across the world are able to talk late at night when Santa arrived. On Christmas morning, he'd regale us with hilarious, sadly realistic conversations he had with our pet dog. We ate up every single word and found our dog's life to be quite fascinating."
  3. "When I was about 7 or 8, one of the neighbor boys, Tommy (who was a teenager or in his 20s at the time) dressed up as Santa and came over to my house. Pretty sure my mom and dad set it up. When I look at photos of that visit now, it's hysterical how "fake" he looked. You could see his dark hair under the wig. He was skinny despite that stuffing in his suit. But I remember TOTALLY falling for it and being positively terrified of him, because in my mind, this was the real Santa and, 'oh my goodness,' he was actually in my house, and my parents were telling me to sit on his lap to pose for a photo. It's amazing how unsavvy I was at that age. My kid would have NEVER bought it the way they are now."
  4. "One year, my brother and I thought it'd be an absolutely brilliant, amazing idea to hide two pairs of scissors in the garland covering our staircase banister in order to make cutting the ribbon off our presents easier. (Our mom was an amazing wrapper.) Both my parents were rather shocked and amused by our presumption when we whipped out those scissors on Christmas morning. We thought we were geniuses when, in fact, we were just brats who wanted to open up our loot as fast as possible. But for whatever reason, that memory stuck with all of us, and we can't help but make a quip or joke whenever we hang up garland on the staircase banister now."
  5. "I remember waking up and seeing alllllll the presents -- my grandmother bought so many they were all over the house, took up the entire living room (it should be noted that I did not grow up wealthy, I think she just bought cheap little things all year long, but it made for a LOT of stuff.)"
  6. "I used to live in Memphis, Tennessee, and every year my family and I would drive by Graceland on Christmas to see the holiday decorations in the yard -- the same ones Elvis put out when he lived there. For like, three years in a row -- as soon as we pulled up to the gates of Graceland, "Blue Christmas" came on the radio. To this day, my dad still believes the King was giving us a Christmas shout out."
  7. "I will never forget waking up to a white Christmas my senior year in high school. I was kind of over the whole Christmas morning thing at that point because I hated waking up early. But I threw on my bathrobe, walked out into our living room -- and saw the fresh blanket of snow with flakes still falling and I swear I fell in love with the magic of Christmas all over again."

What are some of your favorite Christmas memories?


Image via Shaggy Paul/Flickr

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