Ellen DeGeneres' Spoof Christmas Card & 6 Other Hilarious Takes on Tradition (PHOTOS)

Lisa Fogarty | Dec 9, 2013 Home & Garden
Ellen DeGeneres' Spoof Christmas Card & 6 Other Hilarious Takes on Tradition (PHOTOS)

Receiving a Christmas card is always an honor and a special treat. It shows that someone thinks enough of you to spread good cheer and love your way. And if that person goes all out and includes a photo or 10, all the better. Yes, I want to see your kids' pictures because your kids are cute and -- oh my, look how much they've grown in one year! If you take the time to send me a card, I am definitely going to hang it up somewhere

But the truth is, some Christmas cards are just better than others. A photo of your baby is great. But a photo of your baby submerged in a big soupless soup bowl? That one is going in a scrapbook, where it will stay for eternity. 

Ellen DeGeneres and wife Portia de Rossi know the value of sending cards with big personality and did a bang-up job of it when they revealed their Kanye West/Kim Kardashian "Bound 2" i-nspired Xmas card last week. The card is perfect because it pays tribute to something that happened this year AND both women look like they couldn't be having a better time re-creating the music video. 

But celebs aren't they only ones with great ideas (or, if we're talking about the Kardashian Xmas card, questionable ones). A lot of folks on Reddit are sharing some pretty hilarious cards that deserve attention, too. 

Here's a video of Ellen revealing her hilarious Christmas card, followed by a slideshow of some of the best cards we've seen.


Image via Mosman Library/Flickr

  • Ellen and Portia's 'Bound 2'-Inspired Card


    Image via YouTube

    Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi gave their Xmas card a dose of pop culture cool when they re-created a scene from Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's "Bound 2" music video. 

  • Baby in a Pot


    Image via Reddit

    This family had a great way of responding to family members who hassled them into sending Xmas cards. 

  • Caught on Christmas


    Image via Reddit 

    So you caught your spouse cheating? That's so not a good enough reason to leave her out of your Christmas card this year!

  • The Breakup Card


    Image via Reddit

    Consider this a cautionary tale: do not include your girlfriend or boyfriend in your Xmas card unless you have a written agreement that he/she is staying put through the holidays. Here's what one family did after their son broke up with his girl AFTER 200 cards were printed. 

  • Xmas at the Museum


    Image via Reddit

    There's a lot of weird going on here. From the dinosaurs (who appear to be doing something illicit) to the Doritos to the kids hiding their eyes. No idea what was meant by this card, but that's what makes it great. 

  • Stove on Fire


    Image via Reddit

    Why not show people what life in your house is really like? Your daughter refuses to take off her princess costume, mommy is hitting up the wine again, and no one can cook a meal to save their lives.

  • Best Mailman Ever


    Image via Reddit

    One family once received this incredible card from their mailman. I want to move wherever they live. 

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