6 Shockingly Cheap & Stylish DIY Holiday Crafts (PHOTOS)

6 diy holiday crafts with styleI'm not gonna lie. I love me some DIY. But I also like things to look ... not horrendous. And when you're not an avid crafter (I have a toddler and a full-time job, people), there's a fine line between kitschy and cute, and, well, hot mess-y.

I decided to go DIY for the holidays this year. After an impromptu trip to Michaels, I was feeling creative, confident, and festive. And if I do say so myself, I think everything turned out quite nice. Bonus? I barely broke $30 on Christmas decorations this year.

Here are 6 cheap holiday decor crafts the most DIY-challenged can do.

Image via Nicole Fabian-Weber

  • Mini Tree


    Nicole Fabian-Weber


    This isn't for everyone, but I'm a big fan of minimalism -- and it doesn't get much more minimalist than this. I found two branches in my (neighbor's) yard; stuck them in a small, clear vase; and put a few pom-poms on them.

    You could use anything to decorate your "tree," but I'd go with the whole "less is more" philosophy here (a few ball ornaments or a little string of garland). I bought these paper balls from Target (they're the Spritz line). They came in packs of two for $2.99.

    Cost: $6

  • Ribbon as Garland


    Nicole Fabian-Weber

    Okay, so I'm obviously not the first person to use ribbon to decorate their tree, but OMG! This is such a good idea! My family doesn't have a ton of ornaments and tree decor yet, and I'd rather not buy a bunch of cheap stuff that will fall apart in a few years, so until we're stocked up, colored ribbon it is. And maybe even once we're stocked up, we'll still use ribbon, because I think this is super cute!

    Cost: I bought 3 rolls at $3.99 apiece.

  • Mini Holiday Banners


    Nicole Fabian-Weber


    I actually saw a photo of this on Pinterest and decided to take matters into my own hands. I simply bought a few pieces of "festive," thick paper at the craft store; cut out double triangles (fold paper in half and cut a triangle so you have two sides); and glued them close on a piece of black thread. And voila! It's a Winter Wonderland in your house. Kind of.

    Cost: Had the thread, each paper was $1-2. I bought three. And a glue stick, which was $1.99.

  • Snowflakes


    Nicole Fabian-Weber

    Again, totally not the inventor of this, but it really doesn't get easier, cheaper, or cuter than cut-out snowflakes.

    Cost: $2.99. Usually, I make them, but I bought the snowflakes this year.

  • Advent Calendar




    This isn't mine, it's from Etsy, but anyone could make this adorable Advent Calendar (no offense, Etsy Person!). All you need are 25 muslin cloth bags; number stamps and an ink pad; string; clothespins; and treats to put inside. Anyone could do it!

  • DIY Photobooth


    Nicole Fabian-Weber


    All right, so it's not decor, but it's DIY and holiday-themed, so I'm including it on this list. Making a photobooth to take pics of your little one in around the holidays couldn't be easier. Tape wrapping paper (what I used) or a sheet up against a wall that's near a window and snap away. You can edit your photos afterward on one of the nine million photo editing sites on the Internet, adding words, graphics, borders, etc.

    Cost: $3.99 for the roll of wrapping paper. The child was included.


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