The Cutest Owl Gifts You'll Ever See

felt owl ornament
(West Elm, $6)
It's hard to walk down a store aisle right now without seeing some sort of owl-emblazoned product. The owl is the "it" animal of 2013, and they adorn everything from housewares to clothing.

I've rounded up the best of the owl products out there -- the ones that will get you the biggest "hoot" if they show up under a Christmas tree.



owl bank

My All the Owls board on The Prowl is our most popular board. And this little Leo the Owl Bank is the most popular owl on the board. He's a crowd pleaser. (Urban Outfitters, $12)


pink owl pillow 

The owl on this pillow cover is sweet and demure, but the bright pink color would add a nice loud splash to your couch. (Etsy, $19)

 owl with glasses sweater

Stick some eyeglasses on any animal and you're in for a big dose of cute! This Nerdy Birdy Sweater will turn heads and draw smiles. (Brooklyn Industries, $78)

sparkle owl sweater

But, if you like your owl sweaters with a little more shimmer, you might prefer this Sparkle Owl Sweater. (Piperlime, $89)

 owl lamp

Brighten up any room with this Owl Porcelain Lamp. (Fab, $45)

More owls, you say? Well, come on over and check out my Owls board on The Prowl. I've got 70 more owl products just waiting for you to bring them home.

Soo, which hooter do you like best?


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