Neighbor Points Camera at Couple's Bedroom After Complaint About Her Dog


Ugh ... neighbors. Sometimes they're nothing short of awesome, but then there are the ones who are just plain weird, annoying, creepy -- or pretty darn insane. And if you think you have neighbors who fall into the negative category? Just wait until you hear about the couple whose neighbor has a video camera aimed at their bedroom.

Scott and Terri Gale of Kemah, Texas claim that the woman across the street from them, Natalie Belk, has recorded both their movements and conversations -- in addition to calling the cops on the couple over 40 times with various complaints.

They're trying to get a temporary restraining order against her -- mainly in part because of the camera outside her home that's pointed directly into their bedroom.


Supposedly this all stems from complaints made by the Gales (along with other neighbors) about Belk's dog being let out her front door without a leash. Apparently she wasn't happy about the Gales reporting her pooch to the cops -- and that's when they say the harassment began.

Did I mention this has been going on since 2008? Yep. Five years -- which begs the question of why this couple hasn't just packed up and moved if their encounters with this woman are troubling enough to go to court over. Wouldn't that make more sense? I mean, they're shelling out cash to pay a lawyer -- why not save it for a down payment on a new place far, far away from this chick?

Oh, and I should probably also point out that the cops have suggested that the Gales wear body cameras outside of their house at all times to help argue any more false claims Belk makes against them. (WTF?)

And another thing -- do you believe this all stems from a dog who wasn't on a leash? (If what the Gales are saying is true, of course.)

Kind of makes you think twice about bitching and moaning about your own neighbors, doesn't it? Unless they're doing something truly disruptive or harmful -- maybe it's best to resist the urge to get the police involved.

The last thing you want is to wind up like this couple -- you know, as the stars of your own "home movies." (Ahem.)

Do you have any good neighbor from hell stories?


Image via zigazou76/Flickr

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