10 Easy & Fun Elf on the Shelf® Ideas for Skeptical Moms (VIDEO)

Elf on ShelfI'll admit my initial response to The Elf On The Shelf® was not necessarily a positive one. I don't know why they couldn't make the elf look a little less creepy, but to be honest I find the idea of ANY doll watching me every day a little creepy. I'm also not thrilled about lying to my kids about one more thing ... as if I don't feel guilty enough about Santa.

Lastly, and most importantly, I didn't think I would remember to move the elf every night. I can't even play the role of an occasional tooth fairy without messing that up royally every time, so a nightly elf move seems like too much pressure!

You can't escape the elf on Pinterest though. Mothers everywhere have embraced this magical character, and every year they use him to create Christmas traditions for children to delight in. As I see a consistent stream of pins and repins of creative elf ideas from my friends who love him, I couldn't help but wonder ... am I missing out on something here?


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I set off to find myself an elf so that I could decide once and for all if this holiday tradition is a Pinterest win or a Pinterest fail. Watch what happened:

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What easy winter crafts are you attempting with your kids?Elf on Shelf


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