Grinch Town Tells Residents to Take Their Christmas Lights Down

christmas lightsI absolutely love to see Christmas lights decorating people's homes and front yards. Joy to the world! 'Tis the season! Everything is merry and bright! And I love it even more when a whole neighborhood decides to get involved. Imagine coming home every day to your home all beautifully lit up with a soft glow of snowy white and beautiful red and green and blue hues all over. Joy to the world! Imagine the kids' faces and the neighbors' smiles and the photo ops! How sweet that for this one time a year, we can decorate and spread some happy!

Until a grinch comes along. That's right. One neighborhood in Orange County, California, is being told to kill the lights. Where is the holiday spirit?!


Telling holiday-spirited residents to take down their Christmas lights is like taking a half-eaten cookie from a toddler. It's just mean. I know not everyone loves a bold holiday display, but this town does! What's most perplexing is that the residents of the Wagon Wheel area of Trabuco Canyon were all into decorating -- no one is complaining about the lights or the noise or the attraction. It brought the whole area together in a happy, celebratory way. Neighbors helping neighbors -- that's the spirit! But the 20 or more homes who participated in the decorating were told to remove their lights or face misdemeanor charges and fines up to $500 a day because they didn't have the proper permits. 

Hmmm. Is this a money thing? County officials were saying that it was a fire hazard, but others are saying that the permits would never even go through in time to show the lights for the holiday season. Who is going to step in and save Christmas?!!?!

Thankfully somebody did. The Grinch has been replaced with some hark the herald angels or at least nudged a little with Rudolph's red nose. The residents were magically granted the okay to keep everything up. Permit fees for lights were waived. It's a Christmas miracle! All the neighborhood has to do is file a permit and the lights need to pass inspection. Nothing needs to be taken down. Phew. There really is a Santa.

Do you like neighborhood Christmas light displays? Would you be okay if this happened in your neighborhood?


Image via Phyllis/Flickr

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