10 Festive Lights So Bright They'll Fill You With the Holiday Spirit (PHOTOS)

christmas lights

Now that Thanksgiving is over -- it's time to decorate our homes and make them all festive to get ready for Christmas! Whether it be a charming wreath on your front door, simple candle lights in each window, or an adorable reindeer display in the yard -- there are so many fun ways to bring the magic of the holidays to life in your own yard.

But some people tend to go a bit more over-the-top than others when it comes to holiday lights. And if tons of "bling" is your cup of tea? You won't be able to resist checking out some of the brightest and biggest displays around!

Take a look at these photos to see 10 houses that are oozing with Christmas spirit!

How big do you go with holiday decorations?


Image via soundfromwayout/Flickr

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casti... castinghub

Love the lights!

mrswi... mrswillie

When we lived in Maryland, there was a house that drew so much traffic they had to have someone direct it. It had everything lit up in the yard from the Smurfs to ET.

godde... goddess99

There are a couple houses in town that Tastefully "go all out" but we aren't one of them.

lalas... lalasmama2007

We just have icicle lights along the roof and white candles in our windows.

RobynS RobynS

Wow! That's almost TOO much!

dusky... dusky_rose

Those are pretty! We don't do outside lights so much, but we enjoy going on an evening drive to view them.

sanj1213 sanj1213

I don't go big at all. 

nekoy... nekoyukidoll

we have several ares like that around here.  one house near me that goes big; they have motion and music and stuff, really nice.  It's gets busier the closer to the holidays it gets but worth it every year.  Another house had a line of cars to see it and the next year they closed it off, 

sukainah sukainah

Wow, those are amazing!  I can imagine their electric bill going up LOL.

We put up just a few lights in the windows during our holidays, but nothing big.

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