An Open Letter From Santa to People Who Decorate Before Thanksgiving

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tacky holiday lights

Dear people who have already put up holiday lights,

I'd like to personally thank you for not only being a total buzz kill -- but also for being in such a rush to celebrate Christmas that you can't let me relax and enjoy my Thanksgiving.

Oh, and I know you'll be enjoying every second of yours, what with all the holiday decorating out of the way. (Eye roll.)

Here's a little food for thought (no pun intended). This Thursday when you're stuffing your face full of turkey and mashed potatoes while admiring the twinkly lights on your front porch? Yeah -- I'll be in the toy shop working overtime to get a jump start on things since the holidays seem to be rolling around so much earlier this year. (Don't you people know how much I love to get my eat on? This belly of mine isn't a result of skipping meals.)

Seriously ... what the heck is wrong with you guys?!? Do you not understand how many hours I put in once December hits? I'm slaving away 24/7 from December 1 until December 24 to make sure all of your precious kiddos have smiles on their faces on Christmas morning -- and this is how you repay me?

Here's the thing -- Thanksgiving is supposed to be MY weekend. Yes, mine, all mine. It's the last time I have the chance to sit down and put my feet up before the holiday madness hits. But you know what happens when sparkly lights and other festive decorations start popping up all over the place? Mrs. Claus gets wind of it and then she won't quit riding my ass to get to work already. It's like a competition for her or something -- and she can't stand to see me sit in my chair by the fire puffing away on my pipe. She wants me out there spreading cheer and getting all into the spirit of the season -- and it's a hell of a lot of pressure for an old dude like me.

Ok, ok, I know it took you hours on end to get all those lights up on your house, so I won't ask you to take them down. But for the love of all things holiday-related -- I'm begging you to cut me some slack and refrain from putting up Christmas decorations until Thanksgiving is over from here on out. (Quit trying to be such an overachiever. It's annoying.)

On second thought -- could you at least take the wreath off the door until you've eaten your fill of turkey and stuffing leftovers? Even a small gesture like that might buy me an extra day or two before I have to kick things into high gear ... m'kay?


Santa Claus


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nonmember avatar Samantha

Funny, I was just discussing this. I don't really understand why people care what others choose to do. If you feel the need to compartmentalise your holidays.... Do it. Others, want to have their home decorated for Christmas longer. Who cares!? Mind your business. Only in America.

smurf... smurfielette13

Who knew Santa was so whiney?

JS0512 JS0512

We usually decorate a few weeks before Thanksgiving because there is no telling what the Michigan weather will be like after Thanksgiving.  I'm not chancing having to be outside hanging lights for hours at 18 degrees.  

nonmember avatar KateG

I put up my lights before Thanksgiving because I do a pretty large display every year, and I only have weekends off. I HAVE to put them up early. Otherwise, they'd never get put up. That being said, I don't put up the tree before Thanksgiving, nor do I turn on the lights until the Friday after Thanksgiving. Some people like to enjoy long Christmases. I like to utilize my time wisely.

nonmember avatar Suzanne

I put my tree and (understated) Christmas decorations up early because I like to have the house all pretty and Christmassy for thanksgiving. Not your cup of tea? That's fine, but I don't understand why it's worthy of a second thought from anyone else.

lulou lulou

Well theres the cold as Michigan up there said.

Then I only get the ladder out once to take Halloween down.

Granted we dont light it up.

fave82 fave82

Who wants to bet that this author doesn't put up any lights at all. Its cold here in Chicago, so we get it done to save ourselves additional suffering. Plus, if were gonna go to all the trouble of dragging it all out and putting it up, then I wanna enjoy it for more than 4 wks

aeneva aeneva

We put our lights up before Thanksgiving because of the snow and cold but we DONT light them until after.

fave82 fave82

Ha! I called it!!

keelh... keelhaulrose

We try to put them up early and light them up for the first time on Thanksgiving. It's our time, who cares if we choose to spend it putting up lights before everything gets covered in snow and ice.

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