Forget Black Friday: Here’s the Best Day to Go Shopping

buy more stuffAlready lacing your sneakers in anticipation of Black Friday? Well throw those sneakers back in the closet and plan on sleeping in Friday. That is no longer the Day of Deals. Shopping experts (how do I become one?) are saying Black Friday is just a sick marketing ploy that plants panic in your heart in order to move your turkey butt into stores during a valuable vacation day. Your shopping time and money are better spent on Wednesdays in general, and especially one Wednesday in particular.

Matthew Ong of says that just a few of the throngs shopping on Black Friday will walk away with truly exceptional bargains. The vast majority of shoppers make do with lesser or even fake deals. Products are often sold at the same prices they were sold for during last year's Black Friday -- or at the same discounts offered on Veterans' Day just a few weeks ago.


Another website,, says that Wednesday is the best shopping day because a third of all coupons are released that day. And the best Wednesday of all is December 4, just days after Black Friday. You won't have to spend time fighting the crowds, which are expected to go strong through the weekend.

They don't have to convince me, though. I don't think I can remember a single Black Friday when I've gone shopping. The idea of fighting crowds in the name of bargains gives me the panic sweats. I can't shop under duress. I'd rather go on off hours, at little neighborhood boutiques where I can take my time and pick out something just right, something unique that the rest of America isn't fighting to buy as well.

And if I do have to get one of those big-ticket, mass-produced items (i.e. everything on my 9-year-old's wish list this year), I'd just as soon skip in-person shopping altogether and try for Cyber Monday. Oh online shopping, whatever did we do before there was you?

Are you planning on shopping on Black Friday or do you avoid shopping on that day?


Image via John Henderson/Flickr

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