Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Are Building a Castle in Los Angeles (PHOTO)

kim kardashian kanye westChalk this up to the most unexpected thing you've heard all day: Apparently Kanye West is a major Downton Abbey fan. Like, huge. As in, he's such a big fan of the show that his goal for the new home he's building with Kim Kardashian is to make a replica of Highclere Castle. Seriously! A friend of Kanye's allegedly told the Daily Star that he's "fascinated by European history" (sounds about right considering how much time he spends across the pond) and instead of moving to the UK together, they "agreed on bringing a bit of Britain to Los Angeles."

Phew! I can't imagine what in the world we'd all talk about if Kim and Kanye left the U.S. But on a more serious note, an entire themed home? Like, a real castle? I don't know if that's the best idea you've ever had, Ye.


Why don't we take a second to look at the castle from Downton Abbey, eh?

Downton Abbey Castle

Yeah ... can you imagine that sitting on a peak in the Hollywood Hills?! I totally understand wanting to pull inspiration from somewhere for a home. Really, I do. But with that said -- going too far in one direction with a theme may just make you regret the overall look a year or two later. The most important thing when making your house a home is making it functional for you and your family.

For Kanye and Kim, that probably means all the unnecessary luxuries us common folk don't really need. You know, the basketball court, makeup salon, home theater, that kinda stuff. Does that theater need to have the aesthetics of Highclere Castle? Eh, I don't think so.

Could you imagine Kim and Kanye hanging around in a palace? Have you ever pulled inspiration from a certain home or time period for your own space?


Image via kimkardashian/Instagram, PBS

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