10 Clever Places to Put Elf on the Shelf® You Haven’t Thought of Before

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Elf on the ShelfYes! It's almost that magical time of year again. No ... not the holidays, or at least not exactly. I'm taking about the time when the Elf on the Shelf® returns and we finally have something else to bribe our kids to be good use as an incentive to encourage good behavior from our kids.

In my household, "Elfie," as he's so appropriately named, arrives at some point during the Thanksgiving weekend -- and he seems to find a more creative mode of transportation each year.

In 2012, for example, he rode in on a dinosaur and showed up in the snow on our doorstep. He even had the presence of mind to ring the doorbell -- something which absolutely delighted my son.

But while we're pretty good about being creative when it comes to how he makes his entrance, coming up with unique places to put our Elf on the Shelf® day after day does prove to be a little bit challenging.

And that's why I've done some brainstorming and research in an effort to get a little more creative this time around. That being said, here are 10 fun and clever places I'm really hoping will delight my kiddo.

  1. Hanging from the ceiling fan -- Oops! He somehow managed to get caught up there while trying to position himself for the best possible view of what's going on in the living room below.
  2. In the driver's seat of the car -- Hey ... Elfie figured he'd drive himself to the North Pole for a change -- and then he fell asleep and forgot to come back into the house.
  3. In my purse -- OMG. Everything else under the sun is in there, so why wouldn't an elf want to rummage through it?
  4. In the mailbox -- Every day, my son loves to help me retrieve the mail. He'll be so surprised when he comes home from school and opens up the mailbox to see a very special delivery!
  5. In the shower -- Who says elves don't need to hose off once in a while too?
  6. Roasting marshmallows -- Love, love, love this idea from Pinterest of the Elf on the Shelf® sitting in front of a candle ready to get his s'mores eatin' on.
  7. Stuck in a candy bag -- Yet another way to get rid of any candy leftover from Halloween. Have your elf get a sugar craving he can't resist!
  8. Having a midnight snack -- I can't decide if it would be cuter to stash Elfie in the fridge sampling dinner leftovers, or in the pantry eating a bag of chips. Hmm.
  9. Sledding down the banister -- I mean ... it doesn't get much cuter than waking up in the morning to find an elf using your staircase railing like a ski slope.
  10. In bed -- And no ... not his own little bed made out of tissues. I'm thinking tucking him in next to my son before he wakes up will be just priceless!

Where are some of your favorite places to put your Elf on the Shelf®?

Image via Mary Fischer

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nonmember avatar Amy

But don't forget you (and your kids) can't touch the Elf... or he loses his magical powers.

nonmember avatar but...

You can get the Elf's magic back by sprinkling them with cinnamon while singing your family's favorite Christmas carol.

nonmember avatar j. haddix

Tape him to the inside of the toilet seat lid. Oh my what a BIG....surprise on your face.

Janet T. Barnes

place the elf on back of toliet, put a little green food coloring in the toliet bowl, and pull some toliet tissue down from roller onto the toliet. what a charming expression you will get from your child.

Debbie Carbone DeBartolo

We put Elfie in a flower pot, on the kitty condo and on top of our ornate door bell. We also purchased the birthday suit for Elfie. I see he/she has more of a wardrobe available.

Loree Mara

We have a rubber poseable elf that travels through the house all holiday season. Because he is flexible, he can wrap around all kinds of things. Whoever finds him gets to hide him for the next person.

nonmember avatar Jason

Last year was our first as Elf owners and it was a regualr occurance to find our Elf snuggled up to the Cinderella topper on our tree (we have a Disney themed Christmas). In fact, when it came time for our Elf to disappear he took her with him and left a note about how she was going to spned the rest of the year with him helping Santa at the North Pole... the kids are worried that he will not bring her back this year so I can' wait until the two of them show back up!

nonmember avatar Michael

The best place to put "Elfie" is the trash. Santa doesn't need help finding out who is good or bad. This just ruins the whole Christmas spirit and gives the next generation a distorted idea of how Santa really works.

Enoch Root

We got this thing as a gift and immediately put it on FreeCycle. Creepy idea and creepy doll.

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