Man Who Lost House in Tornado Finds His Dog 30 Hours Later Buried in Rubble

One thing I always worry about in case of a home emergency is my pets. Would I get them out in time? I would prefer to lose everything in my home rather than my pets. Jonathan Byler Dann, who lost his house in Washington, Illinois, when a tornado ripped through the area, faced the horrific scenario of not only seeing his home destroyed, but not getting his pet dog out on time. "We lost Maggie today," he sadly posted on Facebook. But then Jonathan went back to the rubble of his home ...


While sifting through the wreckage 30 hours after he lost everything, Jonathan heard a "faint bark" and began frantically pulling away carpeting -- under which was suddenly revealed ... Maggie!

Maggie, who is 11 years old and who Jonathan has had since she was a puppy, suffered broken bones and was cold and scared. When Jonathan saw her, he burst into tears, hugged her, and began giving her water. He took her picture posting "Maggie found!!!!" on Facebook.

He then rushed her to the vet and posted:

maggie is ok. she has a dislocated hip and is under sedation tonight. she was rolled up in a carpet that was from a different floor of our house than she was on. there was alot of debris on top and a huge piece of massonary. so glad she is still with us!

I can't imagine what Jonathan and his family will now have to go through having lost their home and everything in it. It's just unfathomable. But at least they have found their pooch alive and can begin again with their faithful friend. Maggie is expected to make a full recovery.

Not only that, the Internet got together and paid for Maggie's vet bills. Yay! And the good folks over at Reddit are sending money so that other pets affected by the storm will be helped too. (Cats are being rescued as well.)

People can really be so good sometimes. And pets, as we know, are great.

Have you ever lost a pet?


Image via Jonathan Byler Dann/Facebook

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