Man Puts 'Middle Finger' Statue in Yard to Get Revenge on His Ex (PHOTO)

wedding ringsSnort. I think pretty much everyone who goes through a nasty breakup or divorce dreams of getting back at their ex in some way, shape, or form -- but one dude in Michigan definitely took things to the extreme.

Alan Markovitz is a strip club owner from Detroit who was none too pleased when his now ex-wife started having an affair while they were still married. In an effort to get a little sweet revenge, he bought the house next door to her -- and put up a 12-foot-tall bronze statue of a middle finger, at the cost of $7,000.

No joke.


Check it out.

middle finger statue

HAAAAAAA! You really can't make this stuff up, people. And while this dude claims the finger is not directed at his ex, but at the guy she cheated on him with -- I think we all know it's probably meant to stick it to both of them.

And honestly ... you can't blame the guy for wanting to express just how truly pissed off he is. Especially if he was blindsided by the affair, I'm sure he's more than a little upset that his wife wanted to move on with someone else.

Huh. Wives don't usually stray unless they aren't getting what they need from their husbands. Just sayin'. And since he's obviously the type of dude who isn't afraid to speak his mind, you gotta wonder whether it was a real nightmare being married to him.

Back to the sculpture. It's really not that bad, right? I'm sure after seeing it a good 1,000 times or so, they won't even notice it anymore when they look out the window. Hey -- maybe it's a blessing in disguise and will help convince this lady she made the right call by stepping out on her husband. (Kidding. Sort of.)

Do you think this is funny or really crappy to do to a neighbor?


Image via CornellMare/Flickr; Twitter

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