Gwyneth Paltrow's Gift Guide Makes Oprah Look Like a Cheapskate

gwyneth paltrowWhat do Oprah Winfrey and Gwyneth Paltrow have in common? Besides being our spiritually impoverished modern day society's equivalents to mystic gurus (without the whole non-materialism thing, of course)? They both have their very own handpicked holiday gift guides! But here's the difference: Remember how, when Oprah recently announced her "favorite things" for 2013 we were able to tell you about a handful of actually affordable items? Well, we can't do that with Gwyneth's GOOP-approved list. Which isn't all that surprising, really -- I mean, even Oprah doesn't have her own personal fishmonger, as far as I know -- but a few of these "gifts" are so outrageously out of the average person's financial stratosphere we can't stop ourselves poking a little good-natured bitter envious fun. Here are a few of the most outrageously overpriced things you'll never be able to buy in Gwynnie's guide!

Purchasing info for all items can be found on GOOP.

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nonmember avatar Danielle

I'm not a fan of everything GP does, but GOD give her a break. Yes, some of the items on her list are considered "celebrity" gifts, but there are a ton of regular-priced gifts too. I'm so tired of the fish monger comment as well. Using a fish monger is not a luxury. There is a fish monger at almost every decent grocery store. They are just butchers that work with seafood instead of regular meat.


Even If I had the money I wouldn't have any of the stuff you just showed. It looks like stuff people who have just acquired wealth are told to get, and if I need to be told, I'll get it from a Whitney, not new money and especially an actor.

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