Elderly Man Forced to Dig Up Wife's Grave Because of Stupid City Rule

angelOMG. What is wrong with people?!? A 74-year-old man is getting ready to dig up his deceased wife's grave in his front yard -- after a court battle with the city where he resides in Alabama.

When Patsy Davis passed away in 2009, it was her dying wish to be buried in the front yard of the home she shared with her husband of 48 years, James Davis. He happily obliged even though he could not obtain a city cemetery permit. And then he was slapped with a court order to remove it, which he desperately tried to fight to no avail.

Instead of having his beloved wife buried right near the front porch of their home where she always wanted to be, James now plans on having her body exhumed and cremated -- so at least he can keep her ashes in the house with him.


Am I the only one who is completely outraged by this? What kind of jerk forces an elderly man to dig up his wife's body -- all because he's technically using his home as a "public burial ground"? It's not like he's running his own funeral business or anything like that. He simply promised his dying wife that she'd always be by his side -- and kept that promise after her death like any good husband should.

Did I mention that the cost of exhuming the body will set him back over $2,000? Oh, and he's also being ordered by the judge in the case to pay $678 for a legal transcript the city needs. (WTF??)

This poor man. I feel absolutely terrible for him. Losing his wife was devastating enough. How can this judge be so heartless as to force him to go against a promise he made to her on her death bed?

This is horrible. I hope this judge thinks long and hard about Mr. Davis when his/her spouse passes on.

Do you think he should be forced to move the grave?


Image via Tim Green/Flickr

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