9 Dogs Who Look JUST Like Celebrities (PHOTOS)

Samuel L. Jackson
Every single day when I walk down the street, I chuckle to myself thinking that 99 percent of the adorable dogs that live in my neighborhood look like their owners. Seriously. It's something in the face shape, some of the characteristics -- they're similar, I swear. 

Which got me thinking, wouldn't it be funny to see dogs that look like celebrities? I mean -- celebrities are generally so distinct in their style, the way that they rock their hair, accessories, what clothes they wear ... what if there were dogs that were a perfect doppelganger?

Well get this: there are. And the best part? I've found 'em all for you. Check out these 9 celebrity dog doppelgangers that will make you LOL:

Do you think dogs often look like their owners?

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casti... castinghub

That is really cute :)

Harle... Harleysmom213

i couldn't see it. all i saw were dogs in goofy hats, sunglasses and wigs. at least dogs are cute!

Crims... CrimsonRadiance

While cute.. I didn' tthink they looked like them. Just because you put the same hat or glasses on a dog as a person, doesn't make them look like that person. 

nonmember avatar nancya626

The Samuel L Jackson dog was the only one that looked like him. The others looked nothing alike. I guess you haven't seen the blue pit-bull puppy that looks like ice cube or the doberman that looks like snoop dog. Those look a lot alike

Felip... FelipesMom

LAME. All these pics do is show dogs in clothes/accessories similar to the celebrity's. 

I could find fifty images on the interwebs that would be better than these.


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