9 Dogs Who Look JUST Like Celebrities (PHOTOS)

Emily Abbate | Nov 13, 2013 Home & Garden

Samuel L. Jackson
Every single day when I walk down the street, I chuckle to myself thinking that 99 percent of the adorable dogs that live in my neighborhood look like their owners. Seriously. It's something in the face shape, some of the characteristics -- they're similar, I swear. 

Which got me thinking, wouldn't it be funny to see dogs that look like celebrities? I mean -- celebrities are generally so distinct in their style, the way that they rock their hair, accessories, what clothes they wear ... what if there were dogs that were a perfect doppelganger?

Well get this: there are. And the best part? I've found 'em all for you. Check out these 9 celebrity dog doppelgangers that will make you LOL:

Do you think dogs often look like their owners?