$12 Lets You Know if Your House Is Haunted

When you're buying a new home, there's a few things you probably want to consider, like school ratings, nearby parks, and whether or not your abode was ever the scene of a triple homicide. Until recently, you'd probably move into the house before that last bit of info came to your attention, unless you decided to scour newspaper microfiche for your new home's town going back the last 100 years. Now, however, there's a website, DiedinHouse.com, that can tell you whether or not a home was ever the scene of a demise, whether by homicide, suicide, or natural death.


For $12, you can input an address and find out whether anyone has ever died at it. Since sellers and realtors are not legally obligated to disclose people who have died at the property, if this is something that concerns you, it's really up to you to figure it out.

Founder Roy Condrey got the idea when a tenant who rented a home from him complained that it was haunted. He tried to find out whether anyone had ever died on the property but had little luck. His site, however, cobbles together millions of databases to figure out what kind of death history your house or apartment has.

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Even if you're not particularly concerned about ghosts or "auras" -- other people can be, and resale value on a home can plummet if it's got a particularly grisly history.

The real Amityville horror house, where a man killed six family members, was sold for the bargain basement price of $80,000 to the Lutz family, who then turned around and lost money on it, selling it for $55,000 when they fled from the supposed demons wreaking havoc there. (Don't worry, they made plenty of cash from their book recounting their experiences.)

Condrey says that a violent crime in a house can reduce its resale value by up to 25 percent. Plus, it can give you the major heebie-jeebies.

Sounds like $12 well spent!

Would you live in a house where someone died? What about a violent death?


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