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5 Epic Statement Pillows That Tell It Like It Is (PHOTOS)

The statement pillow is one home decor trend we can’t get enough of! Decorative pillows that sport the most sassy, witty, and hilarious phrases -- yes, please! The only downside about statement pillows is that it’s so hard to choose a favorite!

If you are looking for ways to make a living space more fun or give a gift your friend is guaranteed to love, a decorative pillow with a funny or inspiring message is the way to go. We’ve rounded up the most honest and funny statement pillows that made us smile -- they seem to have that effect on people.

Check out five epic statement pillows below, then head over to The Prowl to see the rest!

1Iconic Quotes

There’s a reason the quote on this Dirty Dancing-inspired pillow (Etsy, $35) has lived on for so long. Somehow, it’s always relevant.

2Seize the Day

According to this hilarious pillow (Etsy, $29), simply seizing the day isn't enough. You can always do a bit more.

3No Whining

Some people need this straight-talking pillow (PureHome.com, $99) more than others, but it doesn't hurt to have it featured in a prominent place in your home.

4Deal With It

This tough love pillow (Etsy, $40) offers a brutally honest suggestion for when the going gets tough.



The other side of this "tonight?" pillow (Nordstrom, $29) says "not tonight," so you can set the pillow on the bed and let it do the talking for you. Hopefully, your significant other has a sense of humor.

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