10 Holiday Place Cards That'll Brighten Up Your Thanksgiving Table (PHOTOS)

holiday place cardThe holidays are the perfect excuse to class things up around your home. You know, throw a few seasonal decorations around the place, light a cranberry sauce scented candle, and throw on your cutest cocktail dress (with room for expansion post-Thanksgiving food consumption, of course). But what if I were to tell you I have one surefire way to impress your guests come this Thanksgiving holiday, and it doesn't have to do with perfecting Grandma's turkey recipe? Yup, are you ready for it? Place cards.

Seriously! Festive place cards are a simple, affordable way to jazz up your holiday table without breaking the bank. Check out these 10 too-cute holiday place cards that your guests will adore this Thanksgiving:


Have you ever made your own place cards?

Image via canvasinc/Instagram