10 Holiday Place Cards That'll Brighten Up Your Thanksgiving Table (PHOTOS)

Emily Abbate | Nov 7, 2013 Home & Garden
10 Holiday Place Cards That'll Brighten Up Your Thanksgiving Table (PHOTOS)

holiday place cardThe holidays are the perfect excuse to class things up around your home. You know, throw a few seasonal decorations around the place, light a cranberry sauce scented candle, and throw on your cutest cocktail dress (with room for expansion post-Thanksgiving food consumption, of course). But what if I were to tell you I have one surefire way to impress your guests come this Thanksgiving holiday, and it doesn't have to do with perfecting Grandma's turkey recipe? Yup, are you ready for it? Place cards.

Seriously! Festive place cards are a simple, affordable way to jazz up your holiday table without breaking the bank. Check out these 10 too-cute holiday place cards that your guests will adore this Thanksgiving:

Have you ever made your own place cards?

Image via canvasinc/Instagram

  • Festive Holiday Place Cards (PHOTOS)

  • Gobble Gobble


    Image via tiffzippy/Instagram

    How CUTE is this little guy? Seriously, I want to squeeze him (but then I'd probably crinkle his cute little legs).

  • Pumpkintastic


    Image via paperglazecalligraphy/Instagram

    Super simple place cards, but they get the job done.

  • Golden Pumpkin


    Image via eatlivesplurge/Instagram

    The lettering on this place card makes it fantastic. Re-create the look yourself by investing in a stamp set and some gold paint.

  • A Little Rosemary


    Image via bestdayevervan/Instagram

    Ob. Sessed. Seriously, think about how fresh your dining room is going to smell with these beauties!

  • Pine Cone Accents


    Image via planedashpaper/Instagram

    Simple green card stock and a pine cone make an adorable place card. I'd just advise buying the pine cones at your local craft store so you don't bring outside bugs to your holiday table.

  • Simple But Elegant


    Image via christin_wilson_events/Instagram

    This is almost TOO easy. Twine, for the win!

  • Golden Leaf


    Image via canvasinc/Instagram


    I don't like to play favorites, but (spoiler alert) this is mine. All you need is gold paint, a black skinny Sharpie marker, and patience to find a handful of perfect leaves from your backyard.

    Of course, you could buy these leaves at the craft store, too.

  • Feeling Nutty


    Image via themakerydtla/Instagram

    Looking at these just makes me crave roasted chestnuts.

  • Gold-Inspired


    Image via solsticeliving/Instagram


    Not exactly Thanksgiving only, these place cards bring a sparkly touch to the table.

  • White Out


    Image via serendipitydsns/Instagram

    Gourds for all!


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