Oprah's Favorite Things Are Back! (Here Are 9 You Can Afford!)


Forget Santa Claus. You know the vision I've got dancing through my head this holiday season? It's Oprah, except she's not dancing, exactly -- she's all dressed in red, driving a sleigh filled with HER FAVORITE THIIIIIIIIINGS!. That's right, Oprah's Favorite Things are back, and this year's edition of the ultimate wish list is just as droolworthy as every other year -- maybe even more so. Ah, if only Oprah Claus were real ... cause, I don't know about you, but as much as I would absolutely adore a $225 candle that "smells just like Christmas," that just ain't gonna happen. (Unless I steal it, which doesn't seem very Christmas spirit-y.)

Lucky for me, and maybe you, there are a few affordable AND amazing Oprah-approved items on this list! (Hey, maybe one of them is hiding under your seat RIGHT NOW!)


(Purchasing info for all items can be found at Oprah.com)

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