6 Cozy Cat Sweaters Almost As Cute As Your Favorite Feline

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Who could resist this playful top with an adorable cat draped over the shoulders? From the dainty whiskers to the pretty white paws, it lets people know you are a proud cat owner and friend to felines everywhere!

Dolled Up Long Sleeve Cat Graphic Sweater - $25 (Right)


Haute Cat-ure Cardigan - $75
From the front, this cardigan is simple and unassuming, a run-of-the-mill open-front sweater with a nice drape and some subtle colorful accents in the knit. The rear view, however, makes this sweater a cat-agorically fashionable find!



Crazy Cat Sweater - $89
This slouchy, comfy sweater boasts a bevy of kitties stacked pyramid-style for an adorably awww-some look. For added festive flair, safety pin teeny-tiny red and green bows between their ears.

Cute Cat Sweater - $37
Here’s an oversized, anime-inspired sweater with a totally sweet smiling(!) kitty on the front. Meow!

Oversized Cat Pullover - $39
The simple, featureless -- well, save for the whiskers -- cat silhouette on this comfy sweater is a little reminiscent of Hello Kitty. A nubby marled knit makes it a perfect option for lounging fireside.


Black and White Cat Sweater - $40
For those of us who prefer to make a bold statement, this black-and-white top fits the bill. Your feline alliance will be unmistakable!


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