10 Things I Only Do Around the House When Company Comes Over

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Last week, I was innocently wasting time on Twitter when there was an unexpected knock at the door. The mailman? No. Jehovah's Witnesses? Nope. Girl Scouts? Think again.

It was a friend -- a real life friend -- popping by unexpectedly for a visit. She happened to be in the neighborhood and thought she'd stop by to say hello. Is that ok, she asked? Sure, I nervously laughed. Come on in. It's not that I was unhappy to see her -- not at all. It was that all I could think the whole time was "OMG, what if she needs to use the bathroom and when the hell was the last time I cleaned it?" 

Fortunately, she left pretty soon after and did not have to use the restroom during those endless 15 minutes. But the experience got me thinking about all the things I scurry to do when preparing to entertain and how it might be a good idea to start doing them on a regular basis. Things like ...

1. Put my shoes away. It makes so much more sense just to keep a pair (or seven) by the front door, doesn't it? But it doesn't make for the nicest welcome, especially the way my son's shoes smell these days.

2. Stock the fridge. Somehow I do manage to feed my family, but if you come by unexpectedly and want anything to drink other than 1% milk or tap water, you'll be shit out of luck. Maybe there's a rogue juice box ... somewhere.

3. Light a candle. The smell of vanilla sticks or lavender fields is so much more pleasant than the combination of dog, kids, and whatever I cooked last. 

4. Make the bed. I mean, really, what's the point? The sheets just get messed up the next night anyway.

5. Wipe down the counters. Because that sticky substance just somehow feels like home.

6Put my pills away. Not everyone needs my pack of birth control pills staring them back from smack dab in the middle of the table. Except me. I really, really need that reminder.

7. Shut the nightstand drawers. Because whatever's in there should never see the light of day.

8. Put the clean laundry away ... or at least hide it. Who needs a dresser anyway when you can just pull everything you need off the couch? Oh, I'm sorry ... you wanted to sit there?

9. Shower.do shower daily ... I just usually do it at night, which means if you come by at 3 p.m., there's a mighty good chance I'll be wearing what I have been in since yesterday.

10. Clean the bathroom. With all of the games my boys like to play, I can't for the life of me understand why "Pee IN the Toilet" has never taken off. It's like darts, but with urine! Why aren't they up for the challenge?

So, did I learn my lesson and scrub the toilets after my friend left? Of course not; I had things to do on Twitter. Besides, who wants to encourage unexpected visitors, anyway? Definitely not me.


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Mrseoc Mrseoc

Lol. This is totally me.. but at least YOU have clothes on. I wear PJ's 3/4 of the day!

nonmember avatar hum

Number 4--I HAVE to make the bed every day, or there are epic blanket battles with the husband at night.

adamat34 adamat34

Hmmmm seems the writer should be more diligent about not being a slob for the kids sake......

crunc... crunchymomma87

i absolutely agree with adamat34. why is it okay for everyone to be so lazy!? It drives me nuts living in a dirty house! 

nonmember avatar Anner

I am in agreement with the author on the bed. Only time I "make" my bed is when I change the sheets.

nonmember avatar Jen

I agree with all of these, except the shower one. True, I roll up to the school drop off line in PJs (or yesterday's clothes if I've been working all night), but I shower shortly afterwards.

nonmember avatar tulip

I'm by no means judgemental of other's homes or a clean freak but those are things I do every day... how can people live like that? yikes...

Todd Vrancic

Relax, people, haven't you ever heard of a joke?  Around here, laundry has been known to sit in the dryer for over a day (at least, if it made it that far, it's clean!), we make the bed right before we get in it (nobody comes into our bedroom anyway), we bathe at night, but clean clothes are worn every day (I sleep in my skin and nothing else, my wife wears a nightgown most nights), the only time the counters are wiped are when my wife or I do the dishes.  Luckily, our kids still at home are able to maintain their own bathroom, I take care of ours, so that's not an issue.

nonmember avatar kim

I love the authors honesty. I would much rather have her as a friend than someone who feels like they have to maintain a perfect house. And, it makes me feel better about myself. I do make the bed each day. That's the beauty of having a large comforter. Just pull it up over everything and there you have it. A made bed!

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