'Ghost' Caught on Camera at Haunted Hotel Actually Looks Legit (VIDEO)

plaza resort spa daytona beach ghost
WESH 2 News/YouTube

OMG. I love, no I mean L-O-V-E all things paranormal. Something about a person's soul being so connected to a place that it refuses to leave even after death absolutely fascinates me. So I couldn't wait to see this footage of a ghost caught on a security camera video at the Plaza Resort and Spa in Daytona Beach, Florida.


And I can't lie, before I watched, I figured the people at the hotel were probably overreacting and were seeing a ball of dust or the passing headlights of a car -- until I actually saw the clip.

I definitely can't explain it, and I'm going to go out on a limb and say it looks like this really is footage of an actual apparition on video.

Are you ready? Here goes nothin'. Prepare to be spooked.

Pretty creepy ... and convincing, right? At first I thought maybe it could be an optical illusion, but what really made me think this might be a spirit is how it seemed to "walk" away the minute that dude came into the room to check out what was going on. Seriously, whatever it is was making intelligent movements -- not just randomly floating around.

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And now I can't wait to go and visit this place the next time I'm in the vicinity of Daytona Beach -- which I'm sure crossed the minds of the hotel staff before sharing this video. Hey, if a restless spirit can help drive up tourism a bit, they might as well put him (or her) out there for the world to see. Nothing quite says "charm" like sleeping in a room you may or may not be sharing with a ghost.

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