How to Clean Your Home Quickly Before Guests Come Over (PHOTOS)

Mary Hawkins | Oct 29, 2013 Home & Garden

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Sigh. If you're anything like me, you always think having people over sounds like a great idea -- until those few hours before they show up when you're frantically trying to straighten up the house. It never fails -- somehow we always wind up cleaning right up until the very last minute.

No matter how hard we try and carve out extra time to get everything in tip top shape before a get-together, it always seems like there just aren't enough hours in the day. So we have to get a little creative when it comes to "faking" a clean house before entertaining.

Check out these photos to see a few easy ways to clean up your home quickly so guests will never realize a mess existed.

Do you have any fast cleaning tips to share?


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  • Designate a 'Dump' Room


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    Whether it be a bonus room, guest room, bathroom, whatever -- simply toss all of your clutter into one place, shut the door, and voila! Guests will never know your home was a pig pen an hour before they arrived.

  • Put Papers & Mail Into Bags


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    You don't have time to go through the stacks of mail and papers before everyone comes over, so simply toss them all into a grocery bag, put it into the closet, then pull it out the next day to sort through once the party's over.

  • Dust Floors Instead of Mopping


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    When there's no time to wet mop hardwood, tile, or other non-carpeted floors, simply get a dust sweeper to pick up loose dirt, hair, and grime. Your floors will smell great and look clean in no time.

  • Do a Quick Wipe Down


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    Don't waste time scrubbing. Get a pack of cleaning wipes or grab a bottle of all-purpose cleaner and go over sinks, the toilet seat, kitchen counters, and other hard surfaces in your home for a quick fix that makes everything smell nice and fresh.

  • Save Vacuuming for Last -- & You're Done!


    Image via Hill Street Studios/Corbis

    Always leave vacuuming until the last minute -- and just do a quick sweep of the rooms guests will be using. You'll be ready to relax and mingle in a jiffy!

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