10 Mindblowing Jack-O'-Lanterns That You Wish Were Yours (PHOTOS)

pumpkinFor the last three weeks now, I've told myself almost every night that I should carve the pumpkin I have sitting on the dusty corner of my living room table. The issue? I have no idea what cute little face I wanna implant on that sucker. While looking for some inspiration this morning, I can honestly say that I've found some of the most amazing jack-o'-lanterns ever created. As in, some people have some fantastic pumpkin carving skills. 

Like, more fantastic than fantastic, actually. As in -- I hope to be nearly as good at something over the course of my lifetime as these pumpkin carving masters are at slicing and dicing a Halloween gourd.

Please, click on to see 10 jack-o'-lanterns that will blow your mind:


Have you ever branched out of the standard smiling jack-o'-lantern?


Image via goonar89/Instagram

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