6 Funny Felines Totally OWNING Dogs on National Cat Day

cat and dog

Seems like every day is National Something or Other Day, doesn't it? Well, today is no different: It's National Cat Day, y'all!! Which is kind of appropriate, when you think about it, since Halloween is in just a couple of days and cats are all Halloween-y and whatnot. Of course, everyone loves cats every day -- but why? Well, let's think about this for a sec. Cats are smart. Cats are cute. Cats are cunning ... and cats are badass mofos! 

Take, for example, the way puddytats deal with their doggie counterparts. Which is to say: Swiftly and without mercy. Need proof? We found some super funny GIFs to demonstrate the power cats hold over dogs, plus a couple of kitties showing something resembling ... kindness, dare we say??


Here we have a fed-up feline with a mean left hook who's determined to get this dog OFF HER BED. 

cat boop

No bed for you, dawg! And here we have a nothing-short-of-genius kitty who figured out that her owner's Roomba makes the perfect Mobile Dog Smackdown Unit.

roomba cat

Maybe this cat is waiting for a special delivery? Whatever she's expecting, it's not this poor pooch.

mail door

This sneaky kitty knows when to seize the moment ... and run!

tongue slap

Still, even cats can be sweet. When a four-legged friend has a rough day, sometimes a meow-ssage is just the ticket.

cat massage

Even a reassuring pat on the back can help.

comforting dog

Awww. Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur ... 

Do you have a cat? Does any of this look familiar?


Image via reader of the pack/Flickr

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