1 Way to Tell if Your House Is Actually Haunted


haunted houseYou would probably already know by now if your house was haunted. OR WOULD YOU? Mwa ha ha ha ha! How do you know someone didn't die in your house years and years ago? It's a possiblity. And now you can find out, thanks to this super creepy website, DiedInHouse.com. Readers beware! Once you peek inside your house's history, you can't unlearn whatever you discover.

Yes, for just $11.99 you can arm yourself with the kind of information that will ensure you'll never have a peaceful night's sleep in your home ever, ever again until you sell it or move out. Thank you, Internet!

I mean, say you actually sign up for this service, and they find out there was a triple homicide in your very bedroom, or that a wife stabbed her husband with a chef's knife in the bedroom, or that a thief clocked a homeowner over the head with a candlestick? (Is this starting to sound like the game Clue?) Even if someone just peacefully passed away of old age in your home, it could change the way you feel about your house. In a deeply uncomfortable way.

By the way, a seller is not obligated to disclose this information when you buy or rent a house. You actually have to go digging this it. But why would you, unless you already suspect you're being haunted? What was that sound? Did you just hear that? It sounded like someone scraping a window. Did you see that? I thought I saw a face in that mirror. I'm scared! Will you hold my hand? Please?

Oh, haha! That was just a tree branch scraping the window. And that was MY face in the mirror. Man, I really need to brush my hair and take off this Scream mask.

Anyway, maybe you live in a brand-new house so this isn't even a possibility. Except maybe a construction worker had a terrible, suspicious "accident" no one ever told you about. Maybe a rabbit died while your house was being built. See? There's no end to the possibilities. Aren't you so glad someone has put this idea in your head? Don't let it bother you or anything. I'm sure no one died in your house and that weird noise coming from your closet is nothing.

Would you actually want to find out if anyone has ever died in your house or would you rather not know?


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the4m... the4mutts

Actually, if a death occured in the home in the last 3or so years, in California, they do have to disclose it.

But either way, since when does death automatically mean a haunting? Even if you believe in ghosts (i dont) you must believe that most souls "move on", right? Not every soul would wander the earth forever.

Kings... KingsleysMommy

A close friend of mine is a realtor is Savannah, GA and she says that they have to disclose haunting a if inquired about. Let me tell you, in Savannah, you better inquire because if you are in the older parts of the city, chances are you probably have an extra house guest or two. 😉

Jenni Lovsey

Definitely agree the4mutts. Most deaths are natural causes with just a small fraction being unatural.

nonmember avatar Kirsten

My apartment is in a converted 100+ year old cotton mill. I KNOW people died in my building. And when I googled the complex for general reviews of if it was a good place to live the first things that popped up were haunting websites. Apparently my building is one of the most haunted places in GA! Didn't stop me from moving in at all. Actually, I thought it was pretty cool it could be haunted!

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