Tiny House Divorced Woman Built for 'Spite' Turns Massive Profit (PHOTO)

spite house

OMG. Have you ever heard of the famous "spite" house that was built in Seattle back in 1925? Yes, I said spite. As in the tiny, 830-square-foot pie-shaped home was supposedly built by a scorned wife who wanted to get back at her ex-husband after her divorce.

The story behind the pad goes a little something like this: The judge who divided everything up in the divorce gave the husband the original house that sat on the property, and the wife was granted the front yard. And in an effort to block out light and access to her ex's home, she had the little "spite" house built -- and it still stands there today.

Oh, and I should probably mention that it can be yours if you want it. Yep, it's for sale for the bargain price of $397,500.


The spite house features 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms -- even though it measures a mere 4-and-a-half feet at the back, spreading out to 15 feet wide at the front. (They aren't kidding when the call the place pie-shaped.)

I gotta tell ya, something about this home is really irresistible to me. It's just so historic and charming -- and the fact that it was built purely for the sake of spite makes it seem like such a little treasure.

It's so unique and cozy -- and I think I'd scoop it up in a heartbeat if I were a single woman living in Seattle. I mean, it's perfect for one person, don't you think? There's practically no yard to maintain, and there's enough room to breathe without the home being overwhelming. Even though it was built to be an eyesore, it's anything but that, with its vintage look and 1920s appeal.

And can you imagine how cool it will be for the buyer to entertain there? The house itself is such a great conversation piece -- especially if whoever snags it happens to be a newly single woman who just went through a divorce and wound up with a nice wad of cash to purchase her new, spiteful pad. You gotta love sweet revenge.

Would you buy the spite house?


Image via realtor.com

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