5 Halloween House Decorating Ideas That Could Make You an Internet Star (VIDEOS)

harlem shake house napervilleThere are so many different ways anyone can quickly and easily have everyone the web over knowing who you are! One of the quickest ways to do that, especially around this spooky time of year, is by coming up with hilarious, entertaining, shocking, or supremely eye-catching Halloween decorations for your home. But with the holiday just a week away, better get a move on!

Here, five ways to decorate your house for Halloween this year so that overnight viral YouTube fame can be yours ...


1. Pick a ridiculously of-the-moment pop hit and rig the lights and decor on your house and yard to sync up with the song. A la Edwards Landing Lights, which created the following masterpiece to "What Does the Fox Say" for Halloween 2013:

2. Or create a house light show actually imitates/pays tribute to an existing viral video. This one in Naperville, Illinois set to "Harlem Shake" is priceless.

3. Decorate it with disturbingly real looking corpses or anything else that may cause a lot of raised eyebrows. One guy in Oklahoma displayed a gruesome stuffed body on his driveway and although some people say he went too far, he did go viral ... 

4. Fly a remote-controlled specter or other monster around your property. Bonus points if you take video of passersby or family members getting totally spooked. Upload and boom -- instant fame! Examples include the Flying Grim Reaper and Alton Porter's quadrocopter in a ghost costume:

5. Pick a really over-the-top theme and then take it as far as you possibly can. Think HUGE Tim Burton characters peppering your lawn, a colorful Ghostbusters motif, The Walking Dead meets your lawn's "graveyard," etc.

What's the most over-the-top Halloween decoration you've ever displayed -- or would want to try?


Image via treehorn89/YouTube

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