Mummified Body Found in Foreclosed Home Gave New Owner a Fright

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When you buy a new home in foreclosure, sight unseen, you never know quite what you're going to get. But one Parisian man got the surprise of a lifetime when he turned the key to his brand new apartment and found the previous owner still there. That was unexpected enough. Even more shocking? He was dead.

The previous owner was a man who was fired from his security job in 2005, filed a labor complaint, and then disappeared. He had reportedly cut off ties with his family long ago. Since he no longer had a job and lived in an urban area where neighbors don't tend to check up on each other -- no one was suspicious when the man suddenly disappeared. They assumed he had packed up and left town.

In reality, the poor guy had tied a sheet around his neck and hung himself in his apartment.

Eight years later, his body was still hanging there -- and greeted the new owner, who bought the place at auction when the bank foreclosed on it for lack of mortgage payments.

Reportedly, the body hadn't even decomposed. It was hanging there mummified, in perfect condition. Yikes, talk about an unwelcome housewarming gift.

People find some strange things in foreclosed homes. Pets are unfortunately commonly left behind in foreclosures. Last year, another dead owner was found in a foreclosed home in Wisconsin. And in Minnesota, a foreclosed home was loaded with a pipe bomb.

Still ... a deal's a deal, right?

Have you ever bought a foreclosed home? If you found a dead body in one, would you still want to live there?


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Evaly... EvalynCarnate

The home my husband and I live in is over 60 years old. It'd be silly of us not to assume some one may have died here at some point, but if we walked in and FOUND some one dead?..That'd be a deal breaker. Too creepy.

othermom othermom

No way could I live some where if I found a dead body there. Our home is over 100 years old so I figure it is possible someone died here, but to see the body would freak me out

the3Rs the3Rs

That's so sad. To think for EIGHT YEARS no one noticed he was gone. :(

Lynn Fleury

I'd still live there. My home was a foreclosure and learned later that the previous owners funeral was held in the living room, coffin and all!

jessi... jessicasmom1

eeekkkkk not sure I would stay

adamat34 adamat34

Thats sad no one cared to look for hin or noticed him gone. :(

Michelle Retzlaff

I find this story hard to believe as no one entered the house you just don't buy a house without looking at it first they would have had open house and was all his furniture in there too i think not 


Monica Ramirez Jackson

Many people purchase property sight unseen. That's how it's done at an auction of foreclosures.


It's very common for forclosures to go up on auction, unseen. The bank doesn't go in & look. They just lock it up & slap a notice on it. Especially if its an area where forclosures are very common.

Belle... BelleVernonGirl

How did it take 8 years to forclose on his house?  I don't believe it either...

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