10 Totally Clever Pet Halloween Costumes You'll Wish You Found First (PHOTOS)

Emily Abbate | Oct 23, 2013 Home & Garden

Grandma Dog Halloween CostumeFor some, Halloween is a time to get down and dirty and channel their inner sex kitten. For others, the spooktastic holiday is all about being completely outlandish by making fun of some pop culture happenings from the past year. Whether you're more silly or sexy, I think we can all agree that pets deserve to get in on the action, too. Yes, your fuzzy little companion deserves a perfect pet Halloween costume.

But not just any Halloween costume, an epic Halloween costume. That's why I present you with the 10 greatest pet costumes you'll wish you thought of first

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How do you plan to dress up your pet for Halloween this year?

Image via Cynthia Pringle/Corbis


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