Tortured Baby Dolls Halloween Display Has Neighbors Freaking Out (PHOTOS)

halloween displayThere are a few kinds of Halloween people. Those who love blood and guts; those who like rainbows and butterflies; those who combine those first two; and those who dress slutty (with or without blood and guts). I happen to like it all. It's Halloween time! Let your freak out and have a whole bunch of fun ... and candy. Of course there are always the Halloween haters who feel the day is filled with too much gore, too many shenanigans, and too much sugar. I kind of agree with the last one but only pertaining to my kids. I will steal all the candy! That's my Halloween spirit! Mwahahaha.

And because of my Halloween-ish-ness, I love a good macabre Halloween display. This one in my old neighborhood of Boerum Hill, Brooklyn, might be one of the best I've seen. It's filled with tortured baby dolls and it has neighbors in this stroller-centric area very upset.


Demonic! some cried. Eerie! others said. Twisted. In poor taste. Sick. Sick. Sick.

I love it. In fact, I want to go see it in person.

halloween display brooklyn

I want to see Doctor Pumpkinhead's operating table. I want to see impaled baby dolls and baby dolls in jars and baby dolls in chains .... Wait a minute. Maybe something's wrong with me. Nah, I just know the difference between real and fake. This is fake. This is Halloween.

The display has some neighbors wondering if the person behind this has something important to say. Perhaps. Some of the people in that neighborhood have been known to complain about all the strollers that have taken over the sidewalks. I've witnessed it firsthand navigating the area with my own twin double-wide. I've gotten quite a few eye-rolls. The rumor is that an Emmy-Award winning filmmaker lives here. So who knows? There are some who feel it's brilliant and creative. Maybe those are the same people who have rolled their eyes at me?

What do you think of this display? Too gruesome?

Images via CBS

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