5 Storage Solutions to Make Your House Instantly Cleaner (PHOTOS)

Leilah Peralta | Oct 30, 2013 Home & Garden
5 Storage Solutions to Make Your House Instantly Cleaner (PHOTOS)

A living space can go from organized to cluttered in the blink of an eye. However, with some unique storage solutions and organizers for the home, you can make life a lot simpler.

Think of those mini disasters that give you the most frustration as you try to leave the house each morning. Do you misplace your car keys? Or maybe you can never find that second earring. Over on The Prowl, we've collected some helpful and decorative ways to solve some of the most common clutter dilemmas.

  • Magnetic Bamboo Board


    Make this magnetic board (West Elm, $24) your go-to spot in the office or kitchen where can you scribble important reminders, post flyers, or hang your keys. If you make it a habit to use it, you'll never have to question where you wrote the time for that doctor's appointment.

  • Jewelry Stand


    If you love your jewelry, why not show it off on a jewelry stand (Sundance, $29.99)? Best of all, it keeps your necklaces from tangling and your hanging earrings in pairs.

  • Pharmacy Bottles


    Throw your Costco-sized pack of cotton balls into the cabinet and fill vintage-looking bottles (Restoration Hardware, $16) with what you need. They are a decorative addition to your bathroom counter and keep your cotton balls and Q-tips within reach.

  • Equipment Organizer


    If the kids' sports gear is part of your home decor, at least you can make it stylish with a rustic equipment organizer (Pottery Barn, $129). No more searching high and low for that baseball mitt!

  • Shoe Ladder


    Let's face it, we've all tripped over shoes that are strewn throughout the house. Use a shoe ladder (Pottery Barn, $179) to get them off the ground and into pairs. Plus, it's easier to choose a pair when they're organized in front of you.

    For several more brilliant products for controlling clutter, click over to Storage Wars - Me vs. Clutter on The Prowl!

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