Couple's $500 Glass Cabin in the Woods Is a Work of Art (VIDEO)

glass cabinImagine a cabin made of glass in the woods where you can watch the sunset blaze with glory every single night. A young artist couple made that dream come true. Nick Olson (27) and Lila Horowitz (23) built a cabin with one wall made entirely of windows. They made the whole thing by hand for only $500. It's their warm-weather retreat, not their primary home, and there's no electricity or plumbing. But it's a marvel. The best part is how they got all those windows.


Nick and Lila traveled around the country collecting old windows from abandoned houses and estate sales. They only had to buy a few new windows to complete the wall. Another cost saver -- Nick's family happens to own property in West Virginia, so they built on that land. And while they were working on the house, they lived on rice and beans.

So basically these two crazy kids quit their jobs and spent months just building this glass house in the woods. It sounds frivolous. Wouldn't we all love to drop everything and build a glass house in the middle of the woods, right? But still, I'm utterly enchanted by the house itself and they way they made it -- building that house was probably best thing they could have possibly done at that point in their lives.

I love what Lila says about taking on this project. "I never thought I could build anything so big. So in a way it kind of calmed all my fears. When you build something like this, you're like wow, I can do anything!" Nick and Lila say the light in the house changes throughout the day. If you had the time, you could spend the whole day just staring out the windows, watching the light, and paying attention to all those little changes. It must be incredibly restorative -- in an exciting way. And it must give Lila and Nick a wonderful sense of satisfaction to enjoy such a beautiful structure.

What do you think it would be like to spend all day and all night in this house?


Image via HalfCutTea/YouTube

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