6 Houses With Halloween Decorations Gone Horribly Wrong (PHOTOS)

dead body halloween decorations

I don't know about you, but I've always thought Halloween was supposed to be more spooky scary than scary scary. You know, hauntings as opposed to homicide. But Johnny Mullins of Oklahoma has a different take on the holiday, apparently, as he decorated the outside of his home to look like a particularly brutal scene from Breaking Bad: In his driveway is one fake (but not fake-looking) bloody body crushed under a truck with its head appearing to be smashed by a tire; another fake body's head seems to be stuck in the garage door.

Why exactly did Mullins choose gore and violence over gourds and vampires? Dude says he was "just trying to scare people, that's what I like to do." Um, yeah. Much like the horror-loving homeowners featured in this here slideshow of halloween decorations gone horribly wrong.

Image via News9.com

  • Don't Fear the Reaper?!


    Image via Tammra McCauley/Flickr

    Yeah, thanks for the pep talk -- but I'm gonna go right ahead and fear THIS reaper. What exactly is he planning to do to that dead bride chick?? If only she could run.

  • Sugar & Spice & AAAACK!!


    Image via Steve Baker/Flickr

    From Linda Blair (I think that's who this horrifying floating spectre is supposed to be) to the girl in The Ring to The Walking Dead's Bunny Slipper Zombie, there's just something about creepy little girls that really ... creeps us out. And this one can climb a tree? Great.

  • Doll of Doom


    Image via KateMonkey/Flickr

    Now THAT is one window I wouldn't want to look in twice. The skull isn't half as scary as the furry headed demon baby!

  • Cannibal Dwarves


    Image via Tammra McCauley/Flickr

    Them's some macabre munchkins! And in the name of the lollipop guild, we wish to welcome you to ... HELL!!! Seriously, though: Are those little skeletons supposed to be nuns? And what are they doing with Zombie Pocahontas?

  • That's Some Ceiling Leak


    Image via Valerie Tyler/Flickr

    So, I'm not entirely sure, but I think that dead guy might be Slash from Guns n' Roses. (I guess he really does wear his hat in the shower!)

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