Make Your Own Halloween Haunted House Using These 5 Spooky Tricks

haunted houseLet's be real: Halloween can be a spooky experience. With all the trick-or-treating, opening up doors to strange people's houses, creepy costumes walking around in the darkness -- I'm sketched out! With that said, may we suggest that this is the year you have controlled chaos in your own home? Yes, you read that right. We want you to make your own space into a Halloween haunted house.

Don't freak out -- it's easy, we promise! And aside from being able to capture the whole thing on camera and find some way to make leggings a comfortable part of your at-home costume, it'll be a blast for the kiddos. Check out these DIY haunted house tips, here:


1. Mood lighting is a must: Have you ever been to a haunted house that has the lights on? Yeah, me neither. If you don't have room dimmers on your light switches, they're an easy install and low-cost at your local home improvement store.

2. You'll need cobwebs: Not everyone has loads of rooms to let kiddos prance around in and explore. Make one room your Halloween headquarters by stringing a maze of faux cobwebs from ceiling to floor, attaching them to each surface with double-sided tape. This will allow you to make your own maze that pint-size party-goers can go through.

3. ... and faux "gross" things: Eyeballs, worms, brains, the whole nine yards. Place these items one by one in a row, blindfold your little monsters, and walk them through the "scare station."

  • Brains: a damp perforated sponge
  • Eyeballs: peeled grapes
  • Worms: cold, cooked spaghetti
  • Skin: a slightly stale soft flour tortilla
  • Witches' teeth: dried corn kernels

4. Get out the spooky tunes: Sure, "Monster Mash" and "Thriller" are Halloween go-tos. However, opt for some standard, eerie music that'll get the blood pumping and set the tone for suspense. A simple Google search for "scary halloween music" turns up great results!

5: Snack attack! Yeah those Halloween "gross" things are edible, but treat your party-goers to something that'll scare their taste buds (with delight!) as well. My favorites? Check out this tasty Halloween whoopie pie recipe or this spooktacular Halloween spider cupcake recipe.

Would you ever make your own Halloween haunted house?


Image via Gabe Palmer/Corbis

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